Our first product to hit the masses is called "Spice Dunamis" and it started out as an idea in the summer of 2010. After many months of trial and error, the final version of the product was launched in early 2014.

What is Spice Dunamis?

Spice Dunamis is a versatile seasoning which can be used for just about anything. You can use it on soups, chicken, fish, meat, vegetables etc there is no limit on where to use this seasoning. It can also be used as a table condiment. For example to make a wet marinade for your juicy ribeye steak, just add some oil to Spice Dunamis seasoning to form a paste, marinate in the fridge for an hour, then cook using your desired method.

The ingredients are not overpowering to the tastebuds and you can always add a little or a lot based on how mild or hot you want it. 

Customer feedback

At the 2014 Harrogate Fine Food Show, a majority of customers who tried our free food samples liked the unique favours and the overall taste of Spice Dunamis. The five most common comments that customers made were as follows:

* Not too spicy that it overwhelms the food

* Makes the food juicy and moist

* Feels fresh on the tongue compared to other seasonings 

* Nice aromas

* Unique flavours



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